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How to pay credit card bills on Bank of America online?

I'll show you how I can pay your credit card bills on Bank of America online right from the comfort of your home. So make sure to read the article to the end. Now first, make sure you have log into your mobile banking app on the Bank of America. Once you have banking app with you. On the next specific page you have to tap on the option that says build Bay at the bottom of the screen.
So that you can see the option called Bill a page. Just tap on it then select it. Once you tap on the bill pay option on the next place you have to add a pay.
In my case I have already added a pay. If you have not added a page then tap on the add add button on the right hand side in order to actually add it. But if not then just stopped on the pay option. Once you've done so over here you have to select your details from this account and selecting the amount deliver.
But if you want, you can also go ahead and then add some notes and once you've added a note, you can actually make a payment by tapping on the bay button at the bottom of the screen. Once you pay your credit card bill, you can actually see the success message you can also stay this payment as PDF print it or email it.
And that's all it takes to pay a credit card bills on time of America. We have the article was really helpful. If it did help you make sure to leave a like share to your friends. And if you have anymore questions make sure also leave them. Thank you very much for reading.

Importance of health insurance for international students.

Today we discuss the importance of health insurance for international students in the US.
International students in the United States can focus on their academic goals while being covered by insurance plans for unforeseen medical bills. A health insurance policy includes the following, eligible medical costs, surgeries, hospitalisation expenses, urgent care, doctor visits, repatriation, emergency medical evacuation, mental health, maternity, coverage and more.
Each plan has specific coverage according to the requirements of the student. The United States has one of the world's most costly Healthcare Systems. It might not be easy and agreeable for people to pay thousands of dollars for treatment. Therefor, it can cause challenges for international students to spend out-of-pocket medical fees.
While J1 students must purchase an insurance plan that fulfills the insurance requirements of the US Department of State. F1 students must purchase a plan that satisfies the school’s needs. International students also have the option to buy insurance from outside. Therefore, no matter the type of US Visa you hold. Having medical insurance coverage will always be advantageous during your stay.